Beach House Stair

This staircase project was fabricated and installed during the construction of this glass enclosed vacation home on the Oregon coast. The staircase and guardrails have a combined weight of over 7,000 lbs. of steel alone. The exposed components are all 3/8″ thick hot-rolled steel plate, laser-cut to size with all welds concealed and edges honed, polished and hand filed.

Boora Architects designed this home. Flux Design collaborated on this project with Master Woodworks of Salem who fabricated and installed all of the wooden components. Together we compiled a detailed set of shop drawings to ensure that our components (fabricated in different shops) would mesh together perfectly when combined on site. Similarly, the installation of each component had to dovetail in planned stages with the work by MWW, the stone masons, and the finishing of both the wooden and steel components.

The mill scale patina on the faces of the hot-rolled plate was left unaltered and intact. Through our careful selection of stock, painstakingly careful handling and the exceptional finishing by Sheryl Andrist, of She-Metal, the industrial steel plate became a  finish material of the highest quality. The plates were gun-blued and clear coated leaving dark blue-black finished steel surfaces with subtle but rich variations in color and texture.

More images detailing the assembly, installation and concealed structures of the staircase and guardrails are archived on the current work blog.

Flux Design completed several other projects within this home, including the media room cabinets.

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