We built this staircase for an Oregon beach house that is still under construction. The steel has a total weight of 4,000 lbs, with 3/8″ thick hot-rolled plate treads and risers and 3/4″ thick inverted stringers. The glass curtain wall enclosure of this home required the stair to be brought onto the site partially assembled, moved into position through sliding doors, hoisted and installed. The remaining fabrication was completed in place.

On this project we collaborated with Master Woodworks of Salem who fabricated and installed all of the wood components. Together we compiled a detailed set of shop drawings to ensure that our components (fabricated in different shops) would mesh together perfectly when combined on site. More photos of MWW’s work in progress can be seen here.

The mill scale patina on the faces of the hot-rolled plate was left unaltered and intact. The surfaces were darkened and clear coated by Sheryl Andrist of She-Metal. The finished appearance of the steel is a dark blue-black with subtle but rich variations.