Wisdom and Courage

WisdomCourage1 WisdomCourage2 WisdomCourage3


Another set of sculptures designed by David Kennedy and built in collaboration with Flux Design. These forms are based on the ink calligraphy of the Japanese characters for wisdom and courage.

A Portland businessman with a partner in Kyoto enlisted the services of Heidi McBride to help him redesign his office space and furnish it with new art. Heidi approached David with an idea to create two new pieces, one for Portland and one for Kyoto. As the design advanced the client’s interest in both pieces grew and we made two of each sculpture. Today the art in Portland has matching kin in Japan.

The sculptures are made of intersecting steel plate forms that have been heated and hammered and TIG welded together. The blackened steel sculptures sit on oiled Oregon black walnut bases.

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