Steel Plate Stair

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This staircase was built and installed during an extensive gut / remodel of a 100 year old home in Portland. The form of this staircase was designed by  John Forsgren. The staircase has two landings and turns 270 degrees as it ascends from the entry foyer to an open mezzanine level above. The guardrail plates and stair risers are hot-rolled 1/4″ steel with the edges honed and a clear finish.

The plates interlock and bear on each other as the stairs ascend. The steel takes the form of a continuous plate lining the inner surface of the staircase.

The rolled tube handrail sweeps up around the outer wall of the staircase in long flowing radiuses. The pipe is blackened and waxed and mounted to the wall on custom fabricated wall brackets. Internal couplers allowed the railings to be installed with no visible welds.

The riser details and handrail design continues on the stairs to the lower level.

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