Media Cabinets

We built and installed this media cabinet for an Oregon beach house. The upper unit is composed of 1/4″ thick steel plate and utilizes half-lap and through tenon connections at all the corners and dividers. These highlight the precise joinery, but also made it feasible to assemble the heavy components on site and restrict all welds and fasteners to non-visible locations. The 3/8″ thick steel plate¬†lower unit cantilevers out from the wall. It is bolted to the wall by fasteners that are hidden behind the finished wall veneer. Reinforcing ribs welded to the top surface of the horizontal plates are hidden within the oak bench top.

A recessed light trough is also incorporated into both the upper and lower units. Concealed LED strip lights illuminate the walls.

This project is a collaboration with Doug Chamblin Furniture, who fabricated all the wooden components. A clear finish applied to the hot-rolled steel plate highlights the characteristics, colors and textures of the steel.

Flux Design completed several other projects in this home including the main staircase and guardrails.

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