Counterweighted Fire Door

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Flux Design built every component of this door from scratch, including the tracks, wheels and counterweight system. The clients wanted a door in the style of the old tinned fire barriers from turn-of-the-century industrial warehouses that possessed the same detailing and hand-worked craftsmanship.

The door panel is clad with zinc sheets, in a flat-lock style of interlocking sheets covering all surfaces of the custom built door.

The clad door weighs over 400 lbs. but glides smoothly on precision bearing wheels with very little force. The counterweight balances the door at any position, moving up and down steady as a piston as the door rolls open and shut. The door balances perfectly under the track but a floor mounted keeper prevents the user from swinging the door into the finished wall surface. It also provides a deep trough to allow for the elevation change of the bottom of the door as it closes.

Images of the door and track under construction can be seen on our blog both before and after the zinc was applied.


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